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ISBN: 9781603709606
March 2010
Torquere Press
65 Pages
Gay Erotic Romance; Historical/ Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

After a horrendous attack on Wu Jin’s village, he decides to proceed to the imperial examinations.

Tian Zhen is not expecting someone in his home but when Wu Jin spends the night in his rundown house, he knows there is something special about him.

Wu Jin knows he must get to the examinations on schedule, but there is something about Tian Zhen that has him forgetting the time. When he finally gets back on the road, he finds out it has been two weeks. He knows there is something odd about Zhen but cannot quite put his finger on it. When he learns the truth, can Wu Jin get past his own prejudice to see the love that is waiting for him?

Violet Thunder is a story with hot man on man action in a world that is both rich in history as well as fantasy. Ms. Cotoner uses legends, proverbs, and ancient customs to describe her tale. I love the way Wu Jin sees flashes of both worlds, leading the reader to understand that this is more than just a story about one man’s journey. I really enjoyed reading this novel.

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