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ISBN: 1448670888
December 2009
Wild Horse Press
230 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Cady Winslow goes to the local community college in her hometown of Windsor, Georgia. With the local werewolf pack known as the Vicus Luna running the town, life is not safe for any woman walking the streets alone on certain nights.

When the werewolves are on the prowl for their next woman, they spot Cady. Taking her to their alpha male is the easy part. Letting her choose who she wants seems to put the pack into a frenzy.

For Marshall, being alpha of the pack comes with some great perks. When he chooses Cady, there is a feeling she incites that brings forth her calling as his mate. But all is not as it seems, for when she is around others, a distinctive trend begins to evolve. One that will have Cady fighting for her life even as she tries to figure out what her body does to the werewolf pack known as the Vicus Luna.

Vicus Luna is the story of a werewolf pack in a small town, one that picks off women each month, and they disappear for good. I found myself annoyed and fascinated with Cady, because she comes across so contradictory. She is either extremely strong, or she is crying. The relationship within the pack was also an ever-changing facet between not only Cady and Marshall, but the other werewolves too. This tale written by Jessica Coulter Smith is a bit mysterious, arousing, terrifying and yet makes the reader want to finish the book to figure out exactly who and what Cady may or may not be.

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