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ISBN#: 9781600884627
September 2009
Cobblestone Press
43 Pages
GLBT/ Fantasy/ Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Sancus is the god of Honesty, Loyalty, and Contracts. When he turns down Venus’ tempting offer, she comes up with a scheme that will teach the god not to mess with the goddess of love.

Aurelio knew there was something different about the mysterious stranger with the sensual temptation that called to him.

When Sancus finds himself attracted to men versus the women he usually is, he begins to see where Venus bewitched him. However, there is something different about Aurelio, something that calls to him even more than the other men he had found stimulatingly attractive. But part of the curse may mean that after one time together, these soul mates may never have a second chance.

This story is sensually charged with erotic scenes that will leave you breathless. I found myself hoping that Sancus would find some way to be with Aurelio a second time. I found myself laughing at how Venus comes across in the story, because who would want to deny the goddess of love and how exactly would she react if it ever happened was definitely answered here. A very hot tale to be sure!

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