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ISBN- 978-1616265779
July 2012
Barbour Books
E-book/ Paperback
$ 12.99
320 Pages
Inspirational Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Adalia has a secret, one that she hopes can be kept very quiet. She is a runaway slave from Barbados and her skin is so light she can blend in with the other common folk in Charleston. She is always afraid that her owner will somehow find her.

Morgan is the son of a wealthy plantation owner. He has lived a life of status and luxury. He feels he will never receive his father’s approval. The only things that make him happy are his little sister Lizzie and sailing on the open sea. That is until he sees Adalia and becomes entranced by her.

Slowly, things begin to get better for Adalia and she lets her guard down ever so slightly. She finds herself wanting be a part of Morgan’s world, but what will happen when he finds out her secret? He cannot love a Negro woman, society and his family will ever allow it. Will the voice of God help each of them hear the patch that they should be on?

What a wonderful, enjoyable book to read. There are plenty of descriptions of the background to make you feel as if you are walking with the characters in Charleston. The sights and sounds make a lovely picture. Adalia’s story is one I am sure might have been repeated many times in the south during that time period. The shame put upon her and others like her were a disgrace. Adding Morgan’s family and friends to the mix both complicates and improves matters. I really enjoyed Ms. Tyndall’s work and look forward to reading more of her stories.

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