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ISBN# 978-1-59578-577-0
August 2009
Liquid Silver Books
119 Pages
Scifi Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Tanna Aldrick is the captain of a salvage ship in the year 2850. She and her all female crew troll the galaxy looking for abandoned ships and then sell whatever parts and leftover cargo they can find.

Garrick Carlisle is a man from the twenty-second century who has been floating in space for seven hundred years.

When Tanna and her crew find a ship they guess is about five hundred years old, they figure anything of value will have been picked clean. However, Tanna decides to go on board anyway just in case. Imagine her surprise when she discovers a man in a hypersleep chamber, who appears to still be alive. Tanna and her crew take him and his ship aboard theirs and then her med tech wakes him up. Tanna and her entire crew are entranced by the tall, muscular blond man with startling blue eyes, but it is Tanna he has his sights set on. As they get to know each other, it is not long before they give in to their intense sexual attraction for each other. As time moves on, their feelings for each other become deeper, especially when Tanna does something that terrifies Garrick and forces them both to admit how they really feel about each other. However, Garrick is not safe in this brave new universe and there are those including one of Tanna’s crew who would like to see Garrick sold into slavery.

I really enjoyed Valuable Cargo very much. Garrick is your quintessential man from the twenty-second century, and the fact that they just don’t make them that way anymore comes through very clearly. I also loved the idea of an all female ship, that was very cool. Ms. Tyler does a fantastic job of building up the tension and then letting it explode, and of course a little Neanderthal behavior on Garrick’s part did not hurt either. The sex is positively explosive, but the emotions running through it make the story very enjoyable to read. While Garrick is very much an alpha male, he does do his best to rein in his Neanderthal tendencies enough that he does not drive Tanna too batty with them. The world building is very well done, and I also liked how the secondary characters really fit into and helped drive the storyline. If you love scifi and romance, you do not want to miss this one!

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