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ISBN: 978-0-451-22827-7
October 2009
Signet Eclipse
323 Pages
Romantic Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

If there could be only one person or thing in this world that Jordan Sampson is allowed to love, it is her daughter Mandy. Unconditionally and with every cell in her body, Jordan loves her daughter, so when Mandy refuses to live with her after the divorce it is a devastating blow.

He has done a lot of growing up since high school, and Clint Cooper will be the first to admit he was a bona fide horn dog in school. It was always easy to find a willing partner, and easier still to use that as a way to block out the pain of his home life.

Every time Jordan drops Mandy off at her Dad’s it crushes her, and though she knows that this is Mandy’s choice, it does not make it any easier. Work is probably her only salvation, but when her high school reunion ends in murder, being the lead detective has definite draw-backs. There is a highly skilled killer on the loose eager to show off their talent; and while the comfort and support she is getting from Clint is everything she needs, it terrifies her nonetheless. He may have played with her heart in high school, but to allow him that opportunity now could break it for good.

Guys (and I do mean men) please do not allow the “Romantic” in this genre fool you! This is every bit a full out heart pounding suspense novel. The characters are spectacularly well done, and their emotionally charged lives have you sweating and swearing right along with them. I also love how even a secondary character becomes so much an integral part of the plot, and how it adds such a poignant and personal touch to this story. Ms. Cassidy is a phenomenal storyteller, and I encourage everyone to check out her amazing books.

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