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ISBN#: 9780758238290
November 2009
Aphrodisia, a division of Kensington Publishing Corp.
Trade Paperback
$13.95 US/$16.94 CAN
304 pages
Erotic Romance
Rating: 4 cups

Stolen Temptation

Delilah Chase is a lynx-shifter and a thief. Her latest job is stealing the Avery ruby for a client.

Hunter Avery is a red tail hawk-shifter. He is also a recluse of sorts, keeping to himself unless it involves business.

Stealing the Avery ruby should be easy for Delilah. Hunter Avery is out of town on business and will not be home for another day…or so her sources tell her. Too bad for Delilah. Her sources are wrong. Hunter is amused and impressed when he finds Delilah stealing his family’s ruby from the safe. In exchange for not turning her over to the authorities, Delilah is to stay on in Hunter’s home for one week. Neither of these shifters are expecting to find their mate.

A lot of paranormal romances these days begin to sound alike. This one is unique. The author has created two very different individuals and I really appreciated that.

Deadly Temptation

Lorelei Chase is a mink-shifter and the owner of Tail, a technobrothel. She does not allow herself to love anyone other than her younger sister, Delilah. Her feelings for one of her jades – prostitutes - Nolan, borders on love.

Pierce Vaughn is a federal agent and a wolf-shifter. In meeting Lorelei, he finds both of his mates. He just cannot allow himself to fall in love with either Lorelei or Nolan due to his job.

Nolan works as a jade in Lorelei’s brothel, but it is a cover for his other job, an assassin. Everyone in his life knows his secret, but one night his life becomes more dangerous than he expects. Saved by Pierce, the two men spend the night wrapped in Lorelei’s arms. Neither Lorelei nor Nolan realizes they are Pierce’s mates until Pierce walks out on both of them and breaks their hearts.

This is another twist on a paranormal romance. It is exciting and passionate.

On a whole, I enjoyed this book. Both stories are different from other paranormal stories in the fact that neither is about the shifters most of us think of. A hawk, a lynx, a jaguar, and a mink are pretty original and that is something I truly appreciate. There is a bit of adventure for all of the characters in each story, but the hot, spicy love scenes are sure to get your heart racing. In Deadly Temptation, there are some ménage a trios scenes. I do not take offense to these, but it is only right that I give you fair warning. Ms. Jordan has impressed this reviewer with her originality and sexy writing style.

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