Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 978-1-908312-06-8
May 2012
Manifold Press
220 Pages
Gay, Romance, Historical
Rating: 4 Cups

Standing in the same coupon lines day after day has become the only job Stefan Doffer can find on a regular basis. This particular day, seemingly no different than any other, will change Stefan in the most fundamental of ways.

Many times Adri Heyman has noticed the redheaded man waiting patiently in line with dozens of others to collect their coupons. Today, however, Adri is twenty-one and the wait is finally at an end.

Never, not even his wildest dreams, has Stefan ever looked at another man in a sexual way, so his reaction to Adri is as overwhelming as it is agonizing. Feeding, clothing, and keeping a roof over the heads of his wife and children has somehow slipped behind this clawing need for Adri that he is powerless to deny. The 1930’s is a dangerous and scary time for everyone with the Germans inching ever closer, yet that is not what has Stefan nearly sick with worry. Adri is his lover, his best friend, and a staunch believer in the resistance, to end their relationship is the safest for everyone, to do so will shatter his soul.

I am not sure how it is possible for one story to be so heartbreaking and hopeful at the same time, yet every page of this book reinforces those exact feelings for me. Stefan is a man you may at first want to condemn, but you will find that nearly impossible. He loves so completely, not just Adri, but his family as well, that he will risk almost anything to keep everyone safe. As hard as Stefan wars with is conscience, he is undoubtedly a wonderful father, caring husband, and thoughtful lover which I feel is what makes this such a special read.

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