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ISBN#: 9780441018383/ 9781101170861
February 2010
Ace Books/The Berkley Publishing Group
338 Pages
Urban Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Connor Grey is a druid and a former Guild investigator. He lives in the neighborhood called the Weird because of all the strange things that happen there. Things like the dead walking around, and the fact that there is a high population of solitaries or single Fey who choose to be alone.

Leo Murdock is a cop and a friend to Connor. He works closely with Connor on cases that involve the Fey and the Weird.

When a head minus a body shows up in the sewer, Leo is called in to investigate the death. He then calls in Connor, who is his expert on the Fey. As the violence in the Weird escalates, more bodies show up, and during their investigation they discover there is a creature living in the Weird that everyone has reason to fear. She manages to escape Connor and Leo the first time they come into contact with her, but Connor is disturbed by something she says regarding the black mass in his head, so he seeks her out on his own later. Unfortunately, the creature called a leanansidhe leaves him with more questions than answers. As he and Leo try to solve the mystery of why they are finding all these Fey bodies, someone from both their pasts arrives and really shakes things up and not in a good way. Who is friend, and who is foe is very difficult to determine, and if Connor and Leo don’t figure out what is going on the violence is going to escalate even more.

I enjoyed reading Unperfect Souls. I did have a little trouble following what was going on because there are two books before this one, but I just kept reading anyway, and I am glad I did. Connor is a great character, and I really got a kick out of his philosophy of life and how it does not seem to matter how many figurative punches he takes, he just keeps getting up dusting himself off and going right back to his job. I liked that about him. I liked Leo a lot too, and Mr. Del Franco does a good job in leaving the reader clues as to Leo’s true heritage. I really got a kick out of the punch line regarding him. The storyline is very well written and the world building is excellent. The Fey Joe completely had me in stitches on more than one occasion. Each character in this book is well fleshed out and the reader has no problem understanding the different personalities. Overall, this is a book that is definitely worth reading and I have no problem recommending it.

Coffee Time Romance & More



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