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ISBN#: Unavailable
July 2009
E-Book / Interactive Multimedia Platform
Paranormal / Science Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

The Passion Ministry is the conduit through which John Jacobs is able to spread his love of Christ, but as with any large business, problems abound. His music has always been a balm to his soul, but since the stigmata not even that has eased his fears.

For most people losing the battle with alcohol and drugs would mean certain death, and the same can be said for Harry Holt. However, his death became the beginning for his existence as The Watcher.

Harry’s sole purpose is to search out and destroy anyone whose existence foretells the coming of Christ. He is The Watcher, and finding the “one” for his master is a mission of death and destruction. John carries the stigmata of Christ on his wrists and side, but suffering for Christ is secondary to keeping his son Jimmy safe. Jimmy is special, and must be protected at all costs, and although John is desperate to save his child, everything seems to be conspiring against him.

The multimedia format that this book is delivered in is one I find to be more distracting than entertaining. Technically speaking it is a unique and interesting idea, but unless you have actors that can convey the message skillfully it detracts from the actual storyline. The music, however, is wonderfully done, and really builds on the suspense and emotion of the characters. Personally I would much rather read this in a printed format, as the plot is very well done with the many twists and turns it takes to hold the reader captive to the story.

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