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ISBN# (13)9780758261571/(13)9780758279002
25 September 2012
304 Pages
Erotic Sci-Fi Shape-Shifter Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Hunting Temptation

Gea is an arctic fox shifter specialized in private investigations. When she comes up against something particularly tricky, she goes to Quill North for help. He is unbelievably well connected, and his skill in the bedroom keeps her coming back for more.

Quill’s cool leopard shifter exterior hides the scars his horrible childhood has left behind. Even though he has managed to succeed in both the legal and illegal businesses that populate New Chicago, his life feels incomplete. His physical relationship with Gea is a beginning, but wolf shifter Kieran is the answer to what has been missing all along.

Kieran is trying to find what is left of his humanity, after serving as a government agent for years. When a chance meeting in New Chicago lands him in bed with Gea and Quill, Kieran’s wolf instincts tell him that he has met the two people who will complete him in a way he never thought possible. But before they can be together, their cutthroat world will test every ounce of the animal abilities they bring to their three-sided relationship.

There is no doubt that Ms. Jordan has penned a story where the sex fires up the pages. Quill, Gea and Kieran have an undeniable chemistry from the beginning. Perhaps the only downside to this story is that the characters’ dynamics make it difficult to appreciate fully the stunning and fleshed out science fiction world that Ms. Jordan has created.

Reclaiming Temptation

Felicia Tamryn has a secret, which is forcing her to do dirty work for the scum of London. She cannot waver, lest her enemy murder the only one she has spent her life trying to protect. Not even the love of a man like Constantine Breckenridge may send the cheetah shifter down the fast track to hell.

As an eagle shifter, Breck knows he is destined to be with Tam. Even though their meeting is part of her plan to con and then ditch him, he forgives her. When a lead sends him to London to find her, Breck is determined to find her and tell her that he loves her.

Breck will do anything to help Tam put her past behind her, even breaking the law, if he can only convince her that she deserves everything his wealth and position can give her. What they have is worth whatever it cost him.

For anyone who enjoys scorching sex scenes, this story delivers. The chemistry between Breck and Tam is undeniable, but what really intrigues is the futuristic world that Ms. Jordan has created.

Ms. Jordan blends these two novellas seamlessly into Unleashed. Breck and Tam’s story begins to unfold during Hunting Temptation, while the reader is enjoying the steamy ménage story of Quill, Gea and Kieran. Then in Reclaiming Temptation, readers see the resolution of Breck and Tam’s relationship, while tasting a little bit of Quill, Gea and Kieran’s happily ever after.

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