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Novellas featuring Hanovan and the multi-planetary corporation Zenesco
His Own Devices

ISBN# 9780615758688
21 January 2013
31 Pages
Erotic GLBT Science Fiction Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

It would be so easy to give up and die, which would make Corp Sec very happy. But Marcus Droje has too many people counting on him.

The snickers and snide comments make Larke cringe, yet he has no choice if he wants to keep his job.

Finding Droje beaten and naked in the alley brings to life a level of desire Larke has never felt for before. Same sex relationships on Hanovan are strictly forbidden, which is what has gotten Larke in the trouble he is in at work. Droje’s claims against Zenesco scare Larke, as he, like most of Hanovan, has never questioned the absolute authority. Now, after meeting Droje, he doubts everything, especially how he will ever go on when Droje has to leave.

This is a fantastic clip filled with both passion and danger. Larke and Droje’s characters meet up, and the intensity flowing between them is immediate. They click in every way, which makes you want so much more. I want to see where this adventure goes, and I am sure other readers will as well.

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