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ISBN: 10-0758209436/ 13-9780758209436
May 2010
Brava, an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$14.00-US/ $16.95-CAN
336 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

As You Wish

The Earl of Albion is a rake, a seducer of women, and loves to gamble. Combining all three of his wicked traits, he has made a bet that he can seduce a certain virgin.

Felicity Belvoir hears about the bet from a friend and decides to make the best of it. When the earl visits her in her bedroom, she proposes a plan that he cannot help but agree to.

What begins as a bargain for both of them soon becomes so much more. Albion introduces Felicity to a life of passion and in doing so unlocks a woman who is highly erotic. But when the agreement ends, can these two go their separate ways without one of them ending up with a broken heart?

This was a cute story by Ms. Johnson. I found Felicity to be refreshing and brave as she takes her future into her own hands, especially during the time period the story is set in. Albion comes off as such a rake yet, as Felicity’s almost hedonistic characteristics appear, we see him become more of a caring lover than a rogue. I enjoyed reading this tale.

A Storm of Love

Aigneis has made some wrong decisions in her life. Now her latest choice seems to have resulted in her possible death.

Breac is looking for a healer for his dying sister. When he sees two men and a woman in a clearing, he finds himself wanting to help the abused woman.

Aigneis is used to men using her, abusing her and turning their backs on her. So when Breac, a complete stranger, takes her under his wing and begins to care for her, she is confused as to why. As their journey continues, they begin to learn more about each other. But when Breac returns to the village and learns the truth, will he turn toward or away from the woman who slowed his travels down?

Ms. Brisbin tells a story of two people on the journey of life, both looking at different destinations but whose outcomes are not what they expected. The sex was hot and passionate. The journey both take emotionally is written with heart and feelings. The ending was wonderful and left me with a feeling of more to come.

Stealing the Bride

Hayden Monroe knows he needs to produce an heir. But when his wife and daughter died, he felt they took something with them.

Elspeth is a spirited woman who does not hold her tongue or her temper for anyone. She knows most men do not find that an attractive quality about her.

Hayden decides the best way to find a bride is for the surrounding clans to more or less sell their daughters and sisters through lingual descriptions. However, when one man suggests he leave the outrageous meeting he called to court his sister, Hayden finds himself intrigued enough to do so. Elspeth is unlike any other maiden he has met, and her beauty is only the beginning. Can these two lovers find solace and happiness in each others’ arms?

Ms. Wine always grasps me with her storytelling, and this is no different. The way Elspeth tries to get men to like her for who she is and not the simpering females they seem to prefer showed me how strong her character was. At the same time, Hayden’s grief over the loss of his family depicted a man willing to love and honor those he cherished even when he has the heart and soul of a warrior. I absolutely adored reading this tale.

Undone has three very different authors who tell the story of an amazing voyage that each character takes with an ending unlike anything they expected. The stories climb in their intensity and enjoyment, each story written a little better than the one before it. The emotional upheaval that each character feels as they struggle with their own battles is wonderful and left me hoping they would get their happily ever after. Whether you are a fan of one of these great authors or a fan of historical romance, you will enjoy this tale.

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