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ISBN# 9781621350897
October 2012
Astraea Press
167 pages
Regency Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Baldwyn Sinclair, Duke of Paisley, has been summoned by his grandmother in the dead of winter to find out she has arranged for his betrothal to Anastasia Trent, the only daughter of the Earl of Marks. A girl Baldwyn only remembers as a mousy-haired, lanky child with no curves who made his life hell trying to gain his attention the last time he encountered her. Never the one to shirk from his duty, he resigns himself to the engagement.

Anastasia is an idealist who has been in love with Baldwyn ever since she can remember. Her betrothal feels like fairy tale come true and she has built all her dreams around him. An unfortunate confession from a drunken Baldwyn staggers her. The following events serve only to further shatter her dreams.

Baldwyn, stunned at being shackled to a beautiful woman instead of the girl he expected, tries to reign in his reactions. His sense of responsibility and duty overtakes his desire to have his way with her. Determined to keep her virtue safe until their wedding, he succeeds in pushing her away until she disappears. Now he is desperate to find her, his lost turtledove, before he loses her forever.

This is such a poignant, beautifully written story. The writer pulled me in right from the tender, sweet prologue until the very end. I cried with and for Anastasia when her hopes and dreams were shattered, I was angry and frustrated on her behalf and fell in love with her. On the other hand I laughed at Baldwyn's thoughts and stunts and felt for him when he struggled between his duty and desire and finally his anguish at the thought of losing Anastasia. The story about two turtledoves will touch your heart like never before only to bring tears of joy in the end.

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