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Tracers Series

Book 1: Untraceable
Book 2: Unspeakable
Book 3: Unforgivable
Book 4: Snapped
Book 5: Twisted
Novella: Unstoppable
Book 6: Scorched
Book 7: Exposed

A Tracers Novel, Book 5
ISBN#: 9781451617375/9781451617436
May 2012
Pocket Star Books
$7.99 US/$9.99 CAN
400 Pages
Romance, Contemporary
Rating: 4 Cups

Being the rookie detective is hard enough, but Allison Doyle knows that being a woman means she has to work doubly hard to earn the respect of her peers. The last thing she needs is an emotional entanglement with a man, especially one who is way out of her league.

FBI profiler Mark Wolfe’s reputation with the bureau is nearly legend, but no matter how hard or long he works it will never be enough. He let the job take over his life, and ruin his marriage, but with so many killers out there he refuses to back down.

With the body of a young woman being found nearly in Allison’s back yard, she is itching to be part of the team to find her killer, but her boss is completely shutting her out. The fastest way to get what she wants is to learn from the best, and that means spending time with an FBI profiler who makes her feel all kinds of things she really has no time for. A decade and Mark is still hunting the same man, but his legendary control slips a little more every moment he spends with Allison. She is much too young and unjaded for a man with no life beyond his job, and wanting her anyway scares Mark like nothing he has ever experienced.

Nothing makes chills race down your spine better than a really good murder mystery, but add in a very hot young detective, and a broodingly sexy FBI profiler, and you have a novel that is very hard to put down. Allison is young, and as such she makes some rookie mistakes, but I feel that only adds to her appeal. Mark’s age and experience make Allison seem even younger, but you learn very quickly that Allison has more backbone than anyone gives her credit for. In my opinion getting into the killer’s mind would really top this story off, and send an already great read flying off the shelves.

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