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ISBN: 9781926950068
December 2010
Evernight Publishing
72 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

His Heart’s Desire

Matthew Carpenter has been Santa Claus for the last 99 Christmases. This will be the last year for him and once he finishes delivering the toys for the last time he will get his heart’s desire.

Luca was Matthew’s childhood friend before he disappeared. When Father Time comes to him telling him that he is Matthew’s one true desire, Luca knows he feels the same way.

Matthew is a virgin and terrified of making the wrong move. Luca just wants time with his old friend and new lover. The wish he made may have come true but how long was it going to last? They are both determined to make up for all the times they could have had, especially since Matthew does not know if they will get only one night together before Father Time takes him away from the North Pole for good.

I really enjoyed reading this story by JP Barnaby. I must say that the thought of having a different Santa Claus every 100 years is unique, fresh, and yet completely understandable. The way Matthew and Luca are very hesitant at first with their love making, almost innocent as they experimented, allows us as the reader to see them for the truly innocents they are. The sex alone in this tale is mind-blowing and then adding a fresh, new and appealing story to the mix just makes me want to re-read it again and again.

Santa’s Helper

Simon cannot believe he is going to be seeing his ex-boyfriend again when he goes to the mall to be one of Santa’s elves. Especially since his ex just happens to be dating a woman.

Kevin cannot keep his hands off Simon. Meanwhile, he is still with his girlfriend.

While Simon knows it will hurt him more, he cannot say no to Kevin. But sometimes something beautiful comes out of something ugly. In this case, a beautiful new friendship between Simon and the man who is playing Santa. Even as Simon struggles with the tormenting and conflicting emotions that Kevin wreaks, Santa gives him some sound advice. Now Simon has to make a decision about what he wants to do and the answer may just surprise him.

Ms. Beaumont has written a tale that will leave you feeling so satisfied you swear you need to smoke a cigarette after reading this hot story! The way Simon yearns for something more from Kevin comes through loud and clear, saddening me as I read all he has suffered at his ex’s hands. This is a beautiful and soulful tale full of emotions and enough heartache to leave you feeling breathless. The way Simon finally comes to realize exactly how much of a jerk Kevin is makes this book even better. Then add in the way the story ends and it definitely left me with a smile on my face.

Tricksy the Christmas Elf

Hardy “Tricksy” Hardwick is playing a male elf. He took over when the female Trixie got pregnant and could not play the part anymore.

Daryl “number one Santa” Dinwittie has noticed what fine butt Tricksy has from the first day he met him. Now he is just trying to figure out how to approach the elf.

Finally, the day comes when Tricksy and Santa get together. It all seems to be going well until the elf freaks and runs out on Santa. Now the famous toymaker will have to figure out what is going on with his number one elf. With a little help from an unexpected source, Tricksy and Santa may still have a very merry Christmas.

This was definitely a different tale. Mr. Storm had a lot of sex and though it was hot, there was not much substance to this story. I did enjoy how Tricksy seemed to become enthralled with Santa before knowing what he looked like. It showed he had some great characteristics since a lot of sex is based solely on looks alone.

‘Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas: Manlove Anthology is one red-hot read! I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, especially the first two tales. His Heart’s Desire and Santa’s Helper both packed quite a wallop of emotions while Tricksy the Christmas Elf left me feeling cold in spots, especially with some of the more gauche wording. Even with the mixed reviews, I would still re-read this book because overall it was worth perusing and to read it a second time would be just as nice. If you want something toasty and warm to keep you comfy on a cold winter night, pick up this book and get ready to be heated from the inside out.

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