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ISBN# (13)9780373795994, 9781426884573
February, 2011
Harlequin Books
E Book/Paperback
218 pages
Contemporary Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Candy Graham may be successful in business but her love life took a nose dive after her ex-boyfriend moved on to greener pastures. Enlisting the help of her friend, owner of, Candy tests the waters looking for possible relationships again. Upon noticing the new hunk who moved in across the road, Candy tries to catch his eye since no one she has met so far makes her feel like he does.

Justin Case spies Candy and can’t help but think she is good enough to eat. But in their first conversation, she mentions the dating site, sending his journalist brain into a flurry of conspiracy theories. Will his thirst for a story uncover a scam? Or will his investigation uncover a love worth searching for?

Flashing hot and cold, Justin’s behavior leaves Candy—still damaged by her recent breakup—questioning her ability to tempt him. Justin, hot and bothered by her every move, digs deeper because his emotional scars leave him scared to try again. Will they see reason and Turn Up the Heat?

With a fresh look at the online dating scene and how it can make or break a relationship, this story is unique. The passion was built to a raging inferno by the time they let their carnal sides rule the day. Tenderness was obvious between the characters, but it did have a very predictable happy ever after style ending. The secondary characters subplot seemed very contrived; however, as set up for another story rather than entwining with and supporting the primary plot line which detracted, rather than added, to this otherwise fun erotic tale.

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