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ISBN # 9781906931254
June 1, 2010
Choc Lit
336 pages
Contemporary Women Fiction
Rating: 4 cups

Harry Walting is a combination of the strong and the fragile. She has spent five years of her life fighting to preserve her father’s business and heritage, the boat yard. In doing so she has managed to live in the past and alienate herself from the present and the future.

Mathew Corrigan is the attractive London property developer who bought the abandoned clubhouse in Spitmarsh, an old town on the east coast of England. He plans to revive the town by adding an exotic restaurant and possibly a whole new housing development to go with it.

Mathew’s plan of modernizing Spitmarsh clashes strongly with Harry’s fight to preserve the primitive life of the town as well as what is left of her memories in it. All his persistent attempts to buy a part of Harry’s land have failed. Yet with the discovery of an old document, an old secret and a strong attraction between them, their tides are about to turn.

Turning the Tide will take you back to the good old times of rich classical romances with irresistible characters and substantial depth. Ms. Stovell tells the story of a woman and a town coming back to life and falling in love with the same man. A story of two completely different individuals--one a representation of the past and the other a symbol of the future--coming together and finding the most satisfying and happy medium. I really enjoyed watching the reinvention of little Spitmarsh and its people. I also found Harry’s struggle with her pride against falling in love with Mathew, and Mathew’s prejudice against all she represents from her tomboyish looks to her primitive ways of living quite gripping. Add to this the element of suspense in exposing old secrets paired with touching moments as well as funny ones, and you have got yourself a great novel.

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