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August 2009
Night To Dawn Books
269 pages
Science Fiction & Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Captain Lamont Rogers and his crew were on their way back to Earth from a mission to Pluto when their spaceship was sucked into a giant anomaly in space. Surviving the crash on a distant planet Lamont Rogers begins his search to find his co-pilot.

Tamara of Valdehala'viande is extremely happy to be rescued from the primitive men of her world that have kidnapped her. To her relief her savor is a strange man not of her word, but he seems to have some intellect.

The harder Lamont tries to reach the area where he thinks his co-pilots escape shuttled crashed the worse his adventures become. Stranded on a planet far from his own home, Lamont does his best to survive. His companion on this search Tamara also becomes his loving mate. With one misadventure after another it is going to take all the skill and intellect of Lamont and Tamara to locate the missing co-pilot, but will this inhospitable world be the end of them all or will they find a way to survive?

The world created in this book by Tom Johnson is almost like stepping into a time machine and visiting our own past. The world of Feldin'grout is an amazingly thought up planet. The story line is wonderful, and the characters are nicely written. Tunnel Through Space is a bit of a slow read, but worth it if you can stick with it.

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