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Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat Series
Book 1: Salad on the Side
Book 2: Tofurkey and Yams
Book 3: Veggie Burgers to Go
Book 4: Hummus on Rye
Book 5: Try the Tofu

Real Werewolves Don't Eat Meat, Book 5
ISBN# 1020130123
August 2013
MLR Press, LLC
243 Pages
Paranormal Werewolves Contemporary
Rating: 3 Cups

Getting his mate to move in is not easy. Now Tobias Rogan is second-guessing why he wants it in the first place. Tripping over each other and bickering aside, there is a disconnection with his mate that Tobias knows will kill their bond, if he does not figure out how to fix it.

With his heightened senses and precognitive abilities, Kyle Slidell is certain there is trouble once again heading their way. He just has to get his mate to stop for five minutes and really listen, or they are both going to be in very big trouble.

Being an Alpha is a twenty-four/seven job. There is no vacation or down time, so Tobias relies on Kyle to help him de-stress and focus on what is important. Despite his reluctance to bring Kyle to the meeting in Pennsylvania, Tobias now realizes how crucial it is that Kyle is at his side. The position of arkhon is under attack. Tobias is pretty confident he knows who is behind all of their recent problems. Keeping his cool is imperative. If Tobias does not, the entire Northeast Region could collapse and hundreds of lives lost.

This story, if not the entire series, takes the hierarchy of werewolves to a whole new realm. Who, what, when and why of their pack politics is, in my opinion, so extensive it detracts from the lives and relationship of the two main characters. I like having a little back-story to get me up to speed, yet Tobias and Kyle's tale seems to move forward only a marginal amount compared to their history. With Kyle's smart mouth and propensity to get really under Tobias's skin, the potential is here for a truly fun and sexy read.

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