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Captive Series, Book One
ISBN# 9781301260300
November 2012
360 pages
Suspense, Romance
Rating: 5 cups

Danny Bennet needs a job, and fast. The best place she can think of is Austin Cahill's demolition business where her family will not think to look for her while she can study in peace while earning money. However, with her confidence in getting the job anonymously, she overlooks Austin and his obsession with vengeance against the Bennets.

Bidding his time to get revenge on Derek Bennet for killing his fiancée, Austin jumps at the chance of having Danny in his debt. Everything is planned out for the revenge to set in motion and provoking Derek into confessing his crime, except for Austin's startling attraction and feelings for his enemy's baby sister.

Now in a battle of wits and an unexpected sizzling attraction, Danny and Austin fight for what they believe is the truth. Love comes at the most unexpected of times, but for them it comes with an unseen enemy they did not anticipate nor suspect, who is hell-bent on destroying them and theirs. The mystery behind Austin's fiancée's death and the current threat will shake them to their very core. Will their love survive an ages old enmity and the unknown enemy whose purpose is to add more fuel to the already burning fire?

I love love love this book. Ms. Dennam has created such unique and vibrant characters that you cannot help but love-hate them. They all stand out on their own while perfectly complementing each other. Every one of them has flaws and qualities which makes them human and seem like they are based on real people and dynamics. They will speak to you and make you feel what they do. Making a movie of such fabulous characters would be a challenge, especially for the actors. Although I hate the author for the unexpected tragic twist, I understand where she was coming from and why the twist was needed. Get ready for heart-pounding adrenaline, sarcastic humor and for your heart to be broken. This is a definite keeper and not to be missed! I cannot wait to the next book in this series.

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