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ISBN: 9781936222216
February 2010
Freya’s Bower
46 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Maggie Cassavetti wants to find out how authentic her family bible and legend is.

Dr. Eric Larsen is willing to help Maggie find out the truth about her family and the stone that has a tale behind it.

What starts out as something she did for her mother soon becomes more for Maggie as Eric brings the history alive for her. As they continue to delve into her family’s genealogy, they find their passion for each other awakened. Will this be a quick fling or is their destiny preordained due to the legendary stone and her family’s historical background?

Ms. Logan has a way of writing that pulls the reader in. Trusting Destiny is the tale of how one woman denies the effect a stone has on her only to find herself pulled into a passionate affair unlike anything she has felt before. The sex scenes were so enticing. They gripped me from foreplay to completion. The sensual wording is so erotic I practically breathed every hot-blooded word, felt every passion-filled touch, and tasted every arousing scene that was depicted within the pages. This is one hot book that will not disappoint and leave you quite breathless.

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