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  Sequins, Saddle, and Spurs Series
  Book 1 - Trouble in Cowboy Boots
  Book 2 - Trouble in a Stetson

Sequins, Saddle and Spurs, Book 2
ISBN#: 9781419929410
August 2010
Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publishing
85 Pages
Lawless, Western
Rating: 5 Cups

Lola Lamont, a Vegas show girl, left Vegas along with two of her friends when her dreams blew up. Unfortunately their plan was not well thought out and they find themselves stranded in a small town where the sheriff is hot enough to start a fire.

Sam knows that when he looks at Lola there is no forever but he will settle for a smoking hot right now. When he looks at Lola his first thought is sex on a stick and his thoughts slid straight downhill from there.

Lola and Sam are looking for right now but both of their hearts are screaming for forever. Will these two stubborn people give into to their hearts or will Sam allow Lola to leave when her time is up?

Trouble in a Stetson is a wonderful chapter in the Sequins, Saddle and Spurs series. I fell in love with both Sam and Lola because they both had their ghosts that almost defeated them. Regina Carlisle is a master at a home steamy sexy story that enthrals the reader. She entices her readers to get to know the characters and put you in their spot. If you are looking for a four alarm romance then be sure to pick up Trouble in a Stetson.

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