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ISBN#: 9781611185195
August 2011
Loose ID
144 Pages
LGBT Paranormal
Rating: 4 Cups

Tyler has just moved into a new apartment, bought all new furniture and is trying to get his life together after catching his boyfriend cheating on him with another man. He is gun shy when it comes to getting back into the dating scene.

Maxwell “Max” is from the depression era. He was cursed into a painting by his former employer who died six years before. He has been trapped there for decades.

When Tyler’s sister buys him a painting with a very sexy, naked man, neither has any idea that there is a real person trapped inside. Tyler becomes obsessed with finding everything he can about Max and what may have happened to him. He suspects he was murdered and wants to do everything he can to prove that, even if he cannot bring the true culprit to justice. He finds himself talking to the painting as though Max were real, and even reading to it. The more he learns about Max the stronger his feelings for the man become. It gets to the point that his friends and family become concerned for him, but even so, he cannot stop learning everything he can about Max. Meanwhile, Max begins to notice some give in his prison and he too has developed feelings for Tyler, strong feelings. Will Tyler be able to break the curse that has trapped Max in a painting for decades, or will these two suffer from unrequited love forever?

Trompe L'oeil is a wonderful story, and I really enjoyed reading it. The emotions are so well written that I often had tears in my eyes. Max and Tyler’s pain are very real and the longing and angst just jumps from the pages. The descriptions of the 1930’s, and the Great Depression were obviously well researched and gave the reader a bird’s eye view of the era. Coupled with the great writing was the final culmination of the story which was everything this reader was looking for. If you love deeply emotional stories with a bit of the paranormal thrown in, then this is the book for you!

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