Coffee Time Romance & More




August 2009
Torquere Press
31 pages
Gay Erotic Romance, Paranormal
Rating: 5 Cups

Ashalam is an angel of sorts; he has been bound to an evil sect within the church for over a hundred years. It is not normal for one of his kind to be away from home for so long but the binding is strong. He has been charged with finding evidence that a human sorcerer is evil. Not an easy task when the human involved is kindness it’s self.

Caspari Roccaro has a very lucky life. He has a loving wife and a number of mistresses who not only love him but each other as well. He also has a young male he visits on regularly. Although he is owned by a local, Madame Caspari hopes the boy will be able to buy his freedom soon.

Everything changes in Ashalam’s life when he realizes that Caspari’s young lover can see him, and invites him to join them. It seems the boy is to be given to an evil man the next morning and Ashalam decides to prevent the cruelty before it starts.

Ashalam is a simple creature made to work for only the side of goodness. When he is shown affection for the first time, it changes him. He begins to have feelings he has never been able to have before. Caspari is a kind, caring and gentle man whose giving nature makes him perfect for an angle new to emotions. Ms Blue has again offered a look at love in its purest form with this incredibly hot and sexy single shot.

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