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The Legend Hunter Series
Book 1: Seduce Me
Book 2: Desire Me
Book 3: Treasure Me

Book 3 in The Legend Hunters Series
ISBN#: 9780446541985/9780446576147
March 2011
Forever, an imprint of Hachette Book Group
352 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Vanessa Pembrooke is all set to marry her fiancé when a matter comes to her attention that has her leaving for the Highlands. She is on the trail of the Loch Ness monster and she is determined to find it and prove that just because she is a woman does not mean she is not as scientifically smart as a man.

Graeme Langford is a member of a secret society which deals with mysteries, legends, and hidden treasures. He is back in Scotland to find a stone that, if put in the wrong hands, could mean the destruction of the current Queen of England.

Vanessa is definitely not expecting help from a man like Graeme. There is nothing particularly wrong with him, he just distracts her from her goal way too much and has her wanting to act upon her baser needs. Graeme knows that Vanessa makes a heck of a teammate, as her quick thinking and calm composure have already gotten them out of a few sticky situations. As they rush to stop a madman from destroying the queen, Graeme fears he may be too late to save the woman who has come to mean more to him than all of the treasures in the world.

Ms. DeHart has written a novel that pits a spirited woman against a man who is used to having every word and command instantly obeyed. I found it funny to watch as Graeme tells Vanessa to do one thing and instead she does something completely different. Treasure Me is a good novel not only due to the sexual chemistry between the two main characters, but because of how both have had childhoods that were less than ideal which gives them a common denominator in their lives. This is a nicely written novel with action, adventure, heat, and enough hunting to keep me reading. I think there were even a couple times when I started humming the tune to Indiana Jones as I watched Vanessa and Graeme leap over crevices, find hidden chambers, and run from deadly traps. Nicely done!

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