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Beyond the Marius Brothers

Book 1: Isaac Dragos
Book 2: Darcy Burke
Book 3: Barnabas Leopold
Book 4: Travis Rhodes

Beyond the Marius Brothers, Book 4
ISBN: 9781619567770
April 2012
Siren-Bookstrand, Inc.
115 Pages
Erotic Romance, Alternative, M/M, Paranormal, Vampire/Werewolves
Rating: 4 Cups

Travis Rhodes is a warrior for his people, but one little man brings him to his knees. From then on, all the obstacles in the way will either weave the two closer together or tear them apart.

Emmet has met the man of his fantasies. Being his mate is a dream come true. But the secret Emmet is unaware of is in his blood.

Unable to help his mate when he needs him most, Travis’s jealousy and insecurities step in and make an unbearable situation worse. The two must learn to be mates or lose each other to outside influences.

Any book with the Marius family is well worth the read. The family, and the way they all stick together through the very worst life offers, makes one long to be a member of it. Travis and Emmet fit right in with the rest of the characters, each bringing its own spice to the recipe. The finished product will thoroughly entertain the reader.

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