Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN#: 9781920484828
July 8, 2011
Silver Publishing
552 Pages
GLBT, Mystery, Suspense, Action
Rating: 3 Cups

She is absolutely positive Henry is neck deep in trouble, and Miz M, Miranda Maracona, is not about to let her man fall into the hands of the greedy manipulating Svetlana. She does the only thing she can, she calls in her best friend to help get her honey out of hot water.

There is no way Kookie Kombuis will let her spy sister suffer, so Miz K gets on the first plane to London. Together the ladies hash out a plan to save Henry, but if they do not hurry it may be too late.

The diamond heist is so perfectly simple, Henry has no doubt everything will go off without a hitch, and he and Svet will be rolling in the money, but what he did not count on was Miz M and Miz K. The transvestites with taste are more than just pretty faces and glamorous getups; they are two very savvy sisters. What should be the perfect crime turns out to have a few crimps, and after one failed plan, Henry is right back in the thick of things with Svetlana. This time however Miz M and Miz K may not be able to save his hide, and Miz K especially is not too sure he deserves it.

The innovative dialogue between Miz M and Miz K is about as unique as it gets. They are two of the campiest crime fighters you will ever come across, and the over the top behavior never stops. Their repertoire of witty rejoinders definitely showcases the talent behind the words, and the variety of art, music, and film references boggles the mind. I will admit to several instances of confusion as to what they are actually talking about, but all in all, these trannys are quite titillating.

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