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Dom for Sale
Training the Dom

Sequel to Dom for Sale
ISBN# 9781419943201
28 September 2012
Ellora’s Cave
76 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Each day, Liz falls a little further. Soon, though, she will have to make a choice.

His wife’s death hurts a little less after four years. Yet, Gareth is finding that moving on is not something he is ready to face.

There is a pain that lurks behind Gareth’s eyes each time Liz tries to deepen their connection, which has her questioning just how long she can let this go on. Although she loves him more every day, it will never work if the feeling is not reciprocated. Her last resort could backfire big time, but she has to know one way or another.

Liz’s character is one of the most entertaining “toppy” subs I have read in a long time. Her overactive inner dialogue is hilarious, and I love to get small glimpses of Gareth’s reactions to her mannerisms. Gareth is way too much of a mystery man, making me want to know more, more, more. I guess that is a good thing, because I will definitely be itching to read whatever Ms. D’Abo has in store for her characters next.

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