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ISBN: 9781906931230
September 2010
Choc Lit
384 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Killian Kinross is a man used to making his way by the game of dice or cards. When false rumors abound about him possibly impregnating an “innocent” woman, his grandfather sends him to another country determined to get him to grow into the man he wants Killian to be.

Jessamijn van Sandt knows for a fact that her stepfather, Robert Fergusson, is lying - she just has to find the proof. When the handsome stranger comes into her life, she soon comes to understand that Killian will change it forever.

When Killian first meets Jessamijn, he knows that she is unlike any woman he has met before. Soon after their first meeting, they find themselves working together to figure out what Robert is hiding and what he is doing that is so shady. Even as they begin to unravel the twisted mystery before them, a new danger surfaces; one that will have them fighting for their very life. From Scotland to Sweden and from land and sea, Killian and Jessamijn will begin an adventure that will have them discovering not only new and exotic locations, but a love destined to bring them closer if it does not kill them first.

Trade Winds is one outstanding adventure after another. With any great book you have a hero, a heroine, and one villain who tries to come between them. In this novel, you have two villains; both with their own agenda and both so vicious you can practically feel the hatred and rage pouring out of the pages. On top of the already heart-pounding storyline, Ms. Courtenay paints a vivid picture of the exotic and not so exotic locations these two travel to on their journeys. This is undoubtedly a fantastic historical novel, one that I will be recommending for others to read as well.

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