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ISBN# 10: 1927461065
December 2012
Valley Publishing
320 Pages
Romance, Suspense
Rating: 5 Cups

Jade Hansen has enough troubled memories to last a lifetime, yet she finds herself accepting a job filled with even greater heartache once she returns to Haiti.

Dane Carter puts his construction firm on hold to fly to Haiti to help his brother with the aftermath of another earthquake. After meeting Jade, he wishes to stay and help with the ordeal.

Jade realizes she faces depression, especially after arriving in Haiti again after another earthquake strikes the suffering people. The memories of the last earthquake, with the overflow of dead bodies along with her own heartache, had cost her much in her life. After Dane receives the call from his brother to lend a helping hand with the aftermath, he is at first hesitant, then agrees to offer help. Upon meeting Jade, he knows he wishes to stay. After making his acquaintance, Jade feels a close attraction to him and Dane feels the same. Yet as they work together to unlock one buried grave, there is danger that stands in their way as they try to make right a wrong, but will they be able to locate the answers they seek?

Touched by Death is a story that keeps the reader tightly glued to the pages. Jade displays an epic sweep of emotions as she overlooks the damage the earthquake has left among the injured people. Death, sadness, and much grief attach themselves to Jade, as well as Dane. It was practically real; the way Ms. Mayer paints the scene, even with the children over the dead bloated bodies, as if the reader were there at the scene. It was quite gripping. She gives her characters depth, sincerity, compassion, and adds a touch of suspense along the way to make this book an exceptional, engaging read.

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