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ISBN: 9781906931728
May 2012
Choc Lit
248 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

One day in 1909, Emma Le Goff awakened to a world where she is no longer welcome. Her father, a Breton who is still considered a foreigner by the small fishing community, drowned only six weeks before. Her mother and little brother died the month after by falling to the sea from a high cliff, which some attributed to a suicide. With her father dead, Shingle Cottage is also lost to her. Her possessions sold or burned.

Seth Jago’s father and brothers run the fishing fleet without regards for the welfare of their employees. Rumor has it that fish is not the only cargo coming into port in the ships’ holds. Seth likes Emma and wishes he could help her, in spite of his father’s orders. But he is young, so all he can do is watch from afar and help where he can.

At fifteen, Emma is stranded in a hostile community without prospects or home. Even her friend Seth has abandoned her. When Emma accepts an offer to work as housekeeper for Shingle Cottage’s mysterious new resident, the community and Seth assume the worse. When Emma moves to the hotel to work, they think she is a fallen woman for sure. But Emma has no intention of leaving until she has solved the mystery of her mother and brother’s deaths. Then there is her attraction to Seth, which neither can ignore.

In To Turn Full Circle, Ms. Mitchelmore chronicles the growth of Emma Le Goff from pathetic young orphan to confident young woman with plans for a bright future. Seth grows up to assume responsibility for the family business and develops the confidence to pursue Emma—to make her his own. Ms. Mitchelmore’s vivid descriptions of the residents and of the community provide a rich background for the story. Overall, a great read.

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