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ISBN: 9780758246813
February 2011
Trade Paperback
365 pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 4 Cups

Genevieve is half French and half English. Her parents died in a tragic fire and she was sent to live with a cousin who taught her to hate the French king who she blames for the death of Genevieve’s parents.

Francois I is the king of France. He is devoted to his country and his mistress. He is tall, handsome and intelligent. His rivals are Henry VIII of England and Charles, the Holy Roman Emperor.

Henry VIII of England is handsome, arrogant and determined to have his own way. He thinks the idea of raising a child to be a spy is foolproof.

Genevieve has been taught since she was a toddler that the king of France murdered her parents and it is her duty to serve the other half of her heritage. She is trained in the art of being a spy and then sent to serve as a maid of honor in the household of the king’s mistress. There she finds things are not so black and white.

To Serve a King is an intriguing novel set in a turbulent time. Most novels of the time feature Francois’ rivals making this story a bit unique in that respect. The author has done a great deal of research into the time period and does a wonderful job of bringing France and its royal court to life. The reader will easily lose herself in the engrossing story and feel she knows the main characters. Genevieve is a vivid and unforgettable character and the author has done a magnificent job of telling her story. I found the idea of a small child trained almost from birth to be a spy to be fascinating.

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