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ISBN# 9781615087327
23 July 2013
Renaissance E-books
49 Pages
Erotica Paranormal Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Each day brings forth another set of challenges for Kerian, as he works tirelessly to keep his pack together, knowing it will all be for nothing if they cannot find a cure.

Iolite prays that mating with the areas two most powerful alphas will help her stop whatever is making their packs so sick. She just hopes the two men do not kill each other in the process.

With the sickness running so rampant, Kerian will do almost anything to keep his pack alive, even if it means sharing Iolite with the man who once has broken his heart. Jackob’s pack is suffering just as bad, but when Jackob himself shows signs of illness, Kerian realizes how much he still cares. He must somehow push his pride aside and give himself over to the two people who complete him, like no one else ever has. Their lives may depend on it.

The underlying problems with Kerian and Jackob’s packs as well as their relationship run much deeper than what is described within these pages. In my opinion, it feels as though pieces and parts are missing. If included, they would round this plot out nicely. Iolite’s character is the bond holding everyone together, yet there are many times where she feels almost superfluous to the energy flowing between the two men. Even though this story has some great ideas, I would like to see the power exchange more evenly balanced between the characters.

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