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March 2010
ISBN: (10)1420109936/ (13)9781420109931
Zebra Books an imprint of Kensington Publishing Corp.
$4.99 USA/ $5.99 CAN
400 Pages
Historical Romance
Rating: 5 Cups

Evangeline Pemberton is no ordinary woman. She has a gift or a curse as others may see it, one that has her keeping her distance from those around her.

Gavin Lioncroft knows what everyone calls him--a murderer. Keeping himself locked up in Blackberry Manor seems like the most feasible solution in maintaining a distance between himself and the local gossips.

When Evangeline agrees to accompany Lady Stanton and her daughter, Susan, to a party, she was not expecting to be driving hours before coming up a scene better served in a gothic novel. Seeing the lord of the manor with his gaunt face and haunted eyes coming down the steps was bad enough. But when one of the party guests is murdered in his bed and all fingers point in Gavin’s direction, he expects the worst. With Evangeline’s gift of touch though, the lord of the manor soon finds himself embroiled in finding the true killer even as the two become closer and closer to discovering that love can be found in the most unexpected places.

From the first few pages, Ms. Ridley had me within her clasp as her gripping and chilling novel took me from my own home into a story full of suspense, mystery, passion, mayhem, and a setting full of secret tunnels and deceptive characters. Too Wicked To Kiss shows us how one woman running from her own torturous home is thrust into the lives of people surrounded by a past just as dark and deadly as her own. I found myself comparing the dark and enigmatic Gavin to a certain brooding man in another classic gothic novel, Jane Eyre. I absolutely adored Evangeline’s quick wit, unguarded passion, strong nature, and even the cursed gift that allows her to see into someone’s memories with a simple touch. As the passion and storyline unfolds, the reader will find themselves questioning who the murderer is until the very end...when all will be revealed.

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