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August Goodnight Series
Book 1: Angel At Troublesome Creek
Book 2: An Angel To Die For
Book 3: Shadow Of An Angel
Book 4: The Angel Whispered Danger
Book 5: Too Late For Angels
Book 6: The Angel And The Jabberwocky Murders
Book 7: Hark the Herald Angel Screamed

March 2006
Harlequin-Worldwide Mystery
225 Duncan Mill Rd., Don Mills, Ontario M3B 3K9
$5.99 U.S./$6.99 Can.
284 Pages
Rating: 4 Cups

Lucy Nan Pilgrim, widowed for three years and living in her best friend’s grandparent’s old home, is astonished when a elderly woman appears on her doorstep befuddled and asking for her mother. Lucy, surprised and a little apprehensive, invites the women in, and after asking her some questions, starts to think that maybe she is the cousin who disappeared more than thirty years ago. Calling her girlfriend Ellis, she asks for conformation and then finds out the woman has disappeared. Several hours later the woman is discovered dead at the bottom of some stairs. How did she die?

Augusta Goodnight is an angel dispatched to help the lonely Lucy Nan. When she encounters her new charge she quickly becomes embroiled in the mystery of Shirley/Florence, the cousin who reappears after more than thirty years. The same day that Shirley/Florence appears, another woman, Calpernia Hemphill, is found dead at the base of a decrepit old tower on her property and a couple of days later another friend in the neighborhood is found floating in Ellis’ pool. What is going on in Stone’s Throw South Carolina?

Quietly pointing out subtle clues to Lucy Nan and her friend Ellis, Augusta helps point them in the right direction. When Lucy Nan and Ellis enlist their friends in The Thursday Club, the ladies quickly devise a plan to disburse information in hopes of gathering more clues. That is when Lucy Nan and Ellis are lured to an abandoned farmhouse on the edge of town and an attempt on their lives scares them. Who is trying to distract them from the truth? Are they getting too close?

Ms. Mignon F. Ballard has written a complex mystery full of twists and turns that left me as confused as her characters. I quickly became enmeshed in the drama of this story, complete with typical characters with their many flaws, an angel who cooks delightful delicacies, an adorable puppy with big feet, and a blossoming romance. I enjoyed trying to figure out the mystery and I am sure mystery buffs will too.

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