Coffee Time Romance & More




ISBN: 9780061995545
December 2010
William Morrow/Harper Collins Publishers
$24.99 US/$32.99 CAN
320 Pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Piper Donovan, a struggling actress, is down on her luck. She is giving up her apartment and moving back home with her parents as her job prospects are not looking so good. She picks up on a few things happening at home when her mother acts strangely while at work in the family bakery business.

Piper soon finds herself helping her mother by making a wedding cake for a fellow friend and soap actress, but the wedding might never happen as the bride gets threatening letters and soon a fellow co-star ends up dead. Piper enlists help from her friend, Jack, who just happens to be a handsome FBI agent with a strong liking for Piper.

Piper and friends are grieving over the loss of a friend while trying to be happy about an upcoming wedding as well as other changes in their personal lives. But there is a killer on the loose and more people are on the killer’s list. There just might be more funerals and no weddings if the killer has his way.

This is the first in a new series by author Mary Jane Clark and a series that I will definitely be reading as I am so wishing for a romance to happen between Piper and Jack as well as wanting to see how Piper’s mom fairs in her situation(I cannot tell you. You must read the book). This reviewer loved the characters and fast-paced story that To Have and To Kill offers; a definite add to the bookshelf!

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