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ISBN# 9781420122121
2 October 2012
Kensington Books
352 Pages
Contemporary Holiday Romance
Rating: 2 Cups

Casey Jackson is the guy everyone calls when they need something put back on track. His reputation for bringing in production projects on time and under budget is known throughout the industry. Now his stellar record has brought him to Kismet, Michigan, to fix the production woes of a holiday special gone sour. Too bad Casey hates Christmas.

Kristen Miller is sick and tired of her famous sister trouncing on her family’s holiday plans and traditions. Kristen is too busy running her diner to care about Hollywood nonsense. She is more than ready for Heather’s holiday special to wrap up. When her sister calls and asks Kristen to babysit a man dubbed “The Terminator” before he can shut down her television show, Kristin knows it is just more of Heather’s trademark drama.

Kristen is nothing Casey expects. She oozes holiday cheer and down-home goodness. As he navigates the murky waters of Heather Miller’s drama plagued television set, his first thought is that Kristen may offer him some much-needed insight. A few gingerbread and paper snowflakes later, Casey realizes that there is more missing in his life than he ever imagines.

Together for Christmas is filled with quirky holiday traditions and Christmas cheer. It also possesses a lively secondary cast that eclipses Casey and Kristen’s romance completely. The two main characters seem to vacillate so wildly between like and dislike that it is difficult to unravel the motivations behind their actions. This one is for readers searching strictly for a holiday romance full of fun and campy humor.

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