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Masters of the Shadowlands Series
Book 1: Club Shadowlands
Book 2: Dark Citadel
Book 3: Breaking Free
Book 4: Lean on Me
Book 5: Make Me, Sir
Book 6: To Command and Collar
Book 7: This is Who I Am
Book 8: If Only

Master of the Shadowlands Book 6
ISBN: 9781611186673
November 2011
Loose Id LLC
237 Pages
BDSM; Contemporary Suspense; Erotica
Rating: 5 Cups

Master Raoul may believe in controlling his slave, but he is nothing like the villains who kidnap and rape men and women for their human trafficking business. When he is asked to help the FBI, Raoul jumps at the chance, never expecting to meet the woman he has been searching for.

Kimberly has been beaten, tortured, and other unspeakable acts, but somehow she has kept her inner spirit alive. When she sees the new masters enter the room to purchase one of the slaves, she is terrified of what will become of her.

After purchasing Kimberly, Master Raoul takes her home with the intent to keep her safe from those who have hurt her. Kimberly begins the slow process of healing; but in doing so she is opening her heart to the man who has saved her. Facing her deepest fears is only the beginning for her as Kimberly must come to terms with her choices in the BDSM lifestyle, as well as whether she is willing to take a chance on a man who is determined to let her go when the FBI sting is over. Once the operation is over, will Kimberly walk away from the man she loves without a fight, or will she kneel down in front of Master Raoul and accept his command and collar?

I absolutely loved this novel! Ms. Sinclair really grabbed my attention when she did not have Raoul and Kimberly jumping straight into a relationship. Instead, she showed true talent in the writing field as the main characters fought through the nightmares and fears that encompassed Kimberly’s ordeal with the slavery ring. To Command and Collar is very powerful and I found myself on the edge of my seat more than once as I read the adventure, sensuality, and BDSM realm that the characters taste, touch, and experience throughout the pages. A new fan of this author’s work, I am determined to go back and read the other books in this series as I am now hooked and want to see what else Ms. Sinclair has in store for the Master of the Shadowlands series.

Caution: Some may find this edgy novel hard to read as it does contain details of human trafficking that is not tied up in a pretty little bow. One instance is that Kimberly has to continuously fight against her memories of rape and torture. In my opinion, the details are both vague enough that there is not a play by play of each gory scene and yet descriptive enough that the reader will truly get the emotional, mental, and physical battle that Kimberly deals with.

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