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ISBN#: 9781926930282
April 2011
Breathless Press
272 Pages
Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 Cups

Allison Dupuis can see and speak to spirits. She can also read people very well, to the point she knows what they are feeling. She used to help clear spirits out, but after a bad experience a year before, she no longer does this type of work. Instead, she uses her gifts to help the living. She is a Reiki healer.

Logan Mitchell is a millionaire who has the gift of empathy. He is able to feel the emotions of others. Unfortunately, he does not know how to block them and has developed OCD as a way to cope. He uses his money to help people.

When Allison goes with her best friend, Tina, to a party hosted at Logan’s house, she feels his loneliness. However, instead of trying to help him at least at first, she looks for a way out. This is compounded by the fact she sees a woman crying on the stairs. She does not realize until the woman disappears that she is a spirit. The spirit’s emotions overwhelm her, and she races from Logan’s house. Logan on the other hand feels drawn to Allison and goes looking for her only to see her run, crying from his home. Saddened that he missed out on meeting her, it is only through his best friend, Trent, that he is convinced to go and find her. When he does the attraction is so strong that neither can deny it, but what will happen when Allison discovers his OCD, or his spirit? Will she help him, or leave him behind because she does not do that kind of work anymore?

To Catch A Spirit was a very entertaining read! I really enjoyed the paranormal aspects of the book, and Ms. Pulkinen is spot on when describing empathy, and what it means to be a psychic. I thought it was interesting how Logan never developed any way to block out the emotions of others, and how Allison was able to quickly train him to do so. The romance that develops between the two is love at first sight, or I guess you would say feeling, because Allison’s initial attraction to Logan is not about his looks, but about his feelings. I really liked that, and thought it was cool how the author portrayed it. The love between Allison and Logan is very well written, and the love scenes are emotion-laden, making them some of my favorite. I also loved how both Logan and Allison had a best friend who they could lean on; I thought it made them more real. The ghost and her issues really added spice to the story as well, and she made a great protagonist. Overall this is a great paranormal love story that I am happy to recommend to others. In fact, I’m hoping there is a sequel and we get to see what happens with Tina and Trent.

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