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ISBN: 1610343050
April 2011
Siren Publishing Inc.
103 Pages
Erotic Historical Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Evelyn Paxton knows others do not look past her beautiful countenance to the woman beneath. In the business world that can be a factor that works in her advantage. Lately though, it would not matter if she looked like a piece of driftwood as her shipping company has been targeted by a certain legendary pirate.

Jamie Banion is the legendary pirate who is responsible for partaking in the Paxton Shipping goods. When he finds the beautiful Evelyn on the ship he has besieged, Jamie thinks twice before taking her for ransom as he knows he will have a hard time keeping his hands off her.

Once Evelyn gets on Jamie’s ship, The Ocean Jewel, she tries to find a way out of the sensual situation she has boxed herself into but to no avail. As the ship sails for cooler weather, the passion heats up between the pirate and his captive. Once he finds out that she has deliberately set a trap for him to fall into the hands of the Navy, will Jamie forgive the bodacious beauty for her participation in catching him? Will Evelyn get a chance to explain to the man following the pirate ship that Jamie is not an ordinary villainous pirate but a gentle pirate, one she has fallen for or is it already too late for the handsome Jamie?

You have the typical pirate/captive tale with a twist. There is the added element of erotica which has this story steaming up your glasses. On top of that, Evelyn is not your normal damsel in distress but a woman who has overcome odds showing strength and will to survive where other characters may not have. To Catch a Pirate is a bold and sassy tale that will have you falling for the sensually delightful Jamie. Ms. Claire knows how to write a high seas adventure.

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