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To Catch, Book 3
ISBN#: 9781454300700
April 2013
Red Rose Publishing
$ 2.99
282 Pages
Contemporary, Mystery, Comedy Romance
Rating: 3 Cups

Lindy Kellerman has a lot on her mind. What with the wedding, Fraser’s convincing the Rabbi to let him convert, arranging sleeping arrangements for Fraser’s kids who will be moving into their small house with only one bathroom, her possible pregnancy, and her completing her thesis. Her life is complete chaos.

To add more, not a week into his lessons with the Rabbi, a body is found in the synagogue. Rumors are flying everywhere about who might be the killer, and Fraser is the lead detective. It can seriously damage his chances for conversion so she may as well give up and call off the wedding.

Unfortunately, or rather fortunately for Lindy, Fraser is not giving up so easily. He warns her to let him solve the crime while she takes care of the preparations for the wedding and move. How can she sit still when she is smack in the middle of a community prone to gossips and information which can help solve the case? After all she knows how close-knit they are and that they will not speak openly to a stranger. Will everything turn out okay or will the killer get away and Lindy’s plans go down the drain?

This was one chaotic read. My first impression of Lindy was that of naïve airhead in her early twenties, rather than in her forties with high qualifications and kids. She had me laughing in disbelief at her thought processes and antics. I might have enjoyed it more if at some point she acted her age or was actually younger though she did remind me a bit of Bridget Jones. The only place Lindy does not feel insecure or lacks confidence is when she goes around in investigative mode, though she tends to be painfully obvious in that too. I am pretty sure it is only because of Fraser’s determination they are engaged, else she would still be wallowing in self-pity, though I do understand where she is coming from in refusing to marry him in the first place. Not sure if the above mentioned aspects are covered in the previous two books as I have not read them. Nonetheless, this is one entertaining read for people who enjoy a combination of cozy mystery with insane humor and fascination with discovering religious traditions.

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