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ISBN: 9780451232304/ 9781101470787/ 9781101479124
April 5, 2011
NAL Historical Library
Print/ E Book
$15.00/ $9.99
380 pages
Historical Fiction
Rating: 5 Cups

Born Alienor of Aquitaine, the main character begins as daughter to a duke but becomes Eleanor, a woman who held two crowns in her lifetime. But in the beginning, she was nothing more than a little girl whose mother died and left her to be raised by a father who instilled leadership qualities in his small child. By the age of ten, Alienor knew she wanted to be queen. What she didn’t understand was that this decision would create a path that would lead her so far from home.

King Louis VII claims his young bride when each of them are little more than children. Led by the church, he doesn’t see things the way his powerful bride does, even from the beginning. With a desire to serve the Lord that borders on fanatic, he has a hard time doing his husbandly duty to his headstrong bride. Will another man show her the passion Louis's beliefs forbid of him?

Together Louis and Alienor are cast adrift in a sea of treachery and deceit. From the Crusades to his French home, they stay together with her leading him as much as she can when his ear is constantly held by people who claim to be of the Church but have agendas of their own. Will they manage to stay together or will their separate needs for power tear them apart?

Eleanor is a woman who knows what she wants and goes after her goals with an almost sociopathic view of the world around her. Trusting no one is a skill she has always possessed and this single-mindedness marks her every decision. A compelling story of a fascinating historical figure, this author has crafted a true work of art with her view into this powerful woman. Foregoing love for the sake of control, Eleanor shows us that if you keep your goal in mind, you really can accomplish anything.

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