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ISBN#: 9781614955375
Jan 2012
Silver Publishing
195 Pages
Paranormal/Time Travel
Rating: 5 Cups

Ellie discovered by accident that she can travel through time at will. She is being chased by members of a secret government agency intent on gathering up anybody with supernatural abilities – Ellie, with her rare super ability, is a particularly delectable prize for this shady government unit.

Nick tries to maintain a low profile and blend in with everybody else. He has a dark secret that he is loath to reveal to anyone because he has seen that the government is nefariously capturing anyone with supernatural powers. Those taken disappear and are never seen again.

A split-second decision pitches Nick and Ellie into a race to escape a sinister net that is closing in around them. The two strangers must protect each other in order to preserve themselves.

From the first spelling-binding page to the last heart-thumping moment this book held me in thrall. Nick and Ellie are likeable, believable and often funny. I was kept in suspense throughout wondering if, hoping that, the nemesis would be redeemed. I thought this was an exciting, fun and unusual story. It appealed to my sense of whimsy even as it surprised me by its well-crafted logic and essentially optimistic outlook. The book is fully complete within itself, but I do hope additional adventures with Nick and Ellie are in the works.

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