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ISBN#: (10) 1-60154-461-8
April 2009
The Wild Rose Press
260 Pages
Romance, Time Travel
Rating: 2 Cups

Matt Kelly lost his wife and his baby two and a half years ago. A missed lunch date and a dose of a designer drug caused Matt’s wife Kate to lose their baby, an event that neither of them were able to deal with.

Kate Brogan bumps into Matt while investigating a psychic who claims to have the ability to transport people to the future. When Kate is chosen to be transported to the future, Matt refuses to let go of her hand and they both wind up fifty-seven years in the future in the year 2055.

Matt and Kate soon learn that their presence here in the future is hardly coincidental and they find themselves caught up in a power struggle between two rival factions. The stakes quickly elevate as a presidential assassination puts Matt’s life at risk. As they struggle to understand and survive in this future world, they have only themselves to rely on.

This is the kind of book that should be right down my alley but for some reason I just could not get into it. There were some interesting plot twists and the storyline surprised me on more than one occasion. However for the most part the storyline was clichéd and I found the ending to be extremely weak. With the exception of Matt and Kate, the characters and the future world were not very well developed and this made Time and Again a less enjoyable read than it might otherwise have been.

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