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ISBN# 978-1-59431-777-4
December 2009
Write Words, Inc
E Book
294 pages
Women’s Fiction
Rating: 3 Cups

Lisa is a widow with a young son who wants to move forward in her life. She meets someone she believes is candid and trustworthy, Mark. As she changes her life to keep up with her new love, she starts to lose more and more of herself.

Mark appears to be everything Lisa needs, but he has issues of his own and needs Lisa to lean on. As he acts more and more hostile to the women in his life, Mark focuses on blaming Lisa and other women for his problems.

As they try to build a marriage and life together, will they be able to overcome their problems? And more importantly, can Lisa regain her self-esteem and be the woman and mother she can be?

It is chilling but interesting to see a woman survive a disaster not of her making, then descend into another disaster in which she is a participant. Lisa’s ability to overcome both while she realizes how far she has fallen is interesting. I am impressed seeing the use of cigarettes as metaphor for accepting hurtful behavior. The characters are fairly well developed, but it is the way they change throughout the story that the plot builds upon. This is shown with very good use of dialogue and scene setting. Through the Clouds is not a sexy book but one built on a romantic idea and how that changes. I feel the ending is harsh and that lessens the impact of the recovery for me. While an interesting book, I feel it comes across as very cathartic for the writer instead of the reader.

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