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ISBN# 9781573448154
18 September 2012
Cleis Press
224 Pages
Anthology Erotic Fantasy
Rating: 3 Cups

Hot as a Dragon’s Blood

A warrior is dismissed in disgrace when it becomes known that he favors lovers of his own sex.

A woman holds out hope that her culture’s discrimination against female dragon masters will not keep her from the coming battle.

The warrior must set aside his distaste for feminine lovers in order to give another the chance to take his dragon into battle and fulfill her dreams.

Mr. Del Carlo’s story of lovers enjoying each other despite personal and cultural preferences is painted against a backdrop of dragons and mystery.

Of High Renown

A woman cares for a wounded knight, falling deeply in love and lust as she heals his body.

Ashamed at the thought he has taken advantage of an innocent during his feverish dreams, the knight marries the woman out of his desire to make right his perceived wrong.

In order to heal her beloved’s heart, the newly made wife bares all for her knight husband.

This medieval style tale by Ms. Ashbless mixes fevered erotic dreams with chivalry and honor.

At the Sorcerer’s Command

A young sorceress in training follows her commander out of love, though she knows she is no match for their adversary.

Knowing he is stronger than the magic, a commander risks all to prove to a young sorceress that she is more than equal to the task.

When circumstances force the commander to take the sorceress’s virginity publicly, he must admit she is the one he has wanted all along.

Ms. Knox’s startlingly erotic tale of light and dark magic weaves a complex spell that is hard to resist.


A girl hides her star blood heritage to marry a highborn son and keep herself from accusations of witchcraft.

The son of the manor goes mad with desire after rejecting the young wife he does not truly know.

When lovers ignite, passions burn away the innocent ignorance and bring salvation to the lovers.

Ms. Meadows delivers a poignant tale of two young lovers cursed until they give into their desires for each other.

In the Kingdom of Roz

A mysterious stranger kidnaps an arrogant princess on her way to be presented at court.

The King of Dragons must test the woman he would have as his future queen.

Ms. Moore spins a coming of age story about a girl discovering her passions, and the king who would make her his woman.

Key to the Queen’s Elixir

A knight falls ill on the Ice Queen’s doorstep while searching for a magic elixir to heal his people’s children.

The Ice Queen is intrigued by the knight and the visions he calls forth of a life she can no longer remember.

This is Ms. Wu’s haunting tale of a woman wronged, the man who loves her and their immortal passions.

Here There Be Dragons

A conquering aristocrat attempts to outwit the dragonmeister of a rival fiefdom to steal the treasure and her virtue.

The clever dragonmeister will first take her pleasure, before thwarting the plans of the man who thinks he has won all.

The twist at the end of Ms. Lister’s tale of heroes and dragons keeps readers on the edge of their seats.

Flesh and Stone

Cool and aloof in her warrior life, a woman struggles to balance strength and feminine needs.

A pleasure slave struggles with her desire not only to ease her mistress, but to love her as well.

Ms. Green weaves a tale of feminine repression and longing against a backdrop of swords and heroes.

Saints and Heroes

A man returns to his Goddess’s service when She calls him to the aid of a slave in trouble.

A powerful leader regains hope when his wandering lover returns to ask for help in rescuing a slave in trouble.

Ms. Crane’s complex tale of love and magic has a unique twist nestled in the story’s deep mythos.


A young woman yearns desperately to escape with her lover from their war torn, God’s cursed land.

Desiring a new beginning for himself and his love, a young man risks it all to save her from a horrible fate.

Thus goes the apocalyptic undertones of Ms. Szereto’s story add a note of desperation to the young lovers’ plight.


An executioner and a warden engage in a forbidden affair of male lust and love, after they are party to the burning of a known witch.

More than a mere witch, the enchantress returns from death to conquer the kingdom and slake her lust while watching the men whose desires she has unleashed.

Ms. Evans has written a complicated tale of sorcery and revenge, engineered by an indomitable woman.

The Widow’s Man

A man’s loyalty is torn between two lovers–the widowed queen he loves, and the rival queen who may be carrying his child.

Ruthlessly arranging the death of her rival, the Lady Widow does not hesitate to have her love murdered to advance her claim to the throne.

This twisted lovers’ triangle from Ms. Nox is fraught with love and betrayal in the pursuit of power.


A woman steeped in the blood of battle longs for the peace and tranquility of a life at home and hearth.

A man disillusioned with life inside Jericho’s walls brings about the city’s fall after discovering passion in the arms of the enemy.

Ms. Arkenberg’s retelling of this classic story includes a twist of fate not left to the whims of the gods.

The Last Sacrifice

A young princess forces her lover’s hand when she arranges to be her city’s sacrifice to the dragon.

More than a mere man, a god must expose his true powers in order to save the woman he loves.

Mr. Vyne spins a unique tale of gods, dragons and human passion that will leave readers wondering.

For lovers of fantasy, these fourteen short stories encompass almost every aspect of an epic, otherworldly saga. Some are easily navigated, and others beg for their own epic sagas to do justice to the vast worlds caged within. This anthology is highly enjoyable fiction, though sometimes a little tricky to grasp.

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