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ISBN#: 9781621352136
September 23 2013
CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
214 pages
Rating: 5 Cups

Elaine is always known as Mick's sister. She is petite, curvy, and very shy. She is always trying to create the perfect birthday cake. Then the Mayor's daughter wants her to design and make her cake, and her business is about to forever change. She has no time for love, although she thinks of it constantly.

Winston only has time and passion for turning swimming into a Gold medal at the Olympics. He even works and trains himself to make sure this will happen. He does not share secrets of his family with others. So they don't understand why he dropped his trainer and is being a loner more than usual. He lost his parents at a young age and became an orphan. He never knew until one hungry night while at Mick's house that Mick had a sister, and then he later finds out that Mick and Elaine also no longer have their parents. Mick is especially concerned about Winston and Elaine, and has rising suspicions that land Winston in the Emergency Room.

Elaine has never seen such a hungry and insatiable human or such a cute hunk...all rolled into one being. Winston is curious about the tiny woman who seems to occupy his thoughts and whom he is drawn to, although not willingly so. There are so many obstacles for Elaine and Winston, and they have no time or support from their friends or family to even pursue a relationship. When Elaine goes to London to support Winston and Mick during their tryouts for the Olympics, things seem to shift, but all three are in for major surprises.

Having a love for the Olympics, this book is so realistic and inspires me, showing us how someone can overcome without the normal resources required to train for such a tedious goal. The difference of Winston and Elaine's world is so mesmerizing, yet Elaine's occupation ends up being such a nice compatibility to Winston's. Utilizing it to get closer to Winston to break the ice around his heart. Ms. Bosman has a way with words, timeframe, environment, and flow of a story to make this a book you want to read in one sitting. I give this 5 cups of supa dupa enjoyment as it surely motivated me more than any great cappuccino I have tried!

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