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ISBN#: 9781622423156
January 2013
Siren Publishing
202 Pages
Erotic Romance, Menage a Trois/Quatre, Shape-shifter, Western/Cowboys
Rating: 3 Cups

Sarah Winters works for an accounting firm in New York. To take a break and as a treat for herself she has decided to take a vacation on a ranch in Montana. The three sexy cowboys who own it are just a bonus.

Ryan McCloud is the alpha of his wolf pack, half-brothers TJ Hawkin and Lance Bowie are his betas. The three men know that it is likely that they will share a mate between them. After all, in werewolf populations the men far outnumber the women. Sharing has become a way of life.

When Sarah first sees the Ryan, TJ, and Bowie breaking a horse in front of the other guests, she is mesmerized by them. When she discovers she will get to talk to them, and that they own the ranch she is staying on, her hormones go on overdrive. It does not take long after talking to the men to realize she is attracted to all three. It also does not take her long to realize all three are wooing her at the same time. But it is the alpha she ends up making love with, only to then get the scare of her life when she wakes up. Waking up alone is not what Sarah is expecting and when she hears the three men talking, she looks outside and sees a strange sight. The men begin undressing and right before her eyes they shift into wolves. Realizing that the men are very different from herself, and feeling that there is no way for them to be together since she is human, she flees back to New York. But TJ in particular has no intention of letting her go that easily and follows her to New York. Lance is right behind him, and Ryan soon follows. But can the three men convince her she is everything they need and that they can be what she needs?

I enjoyed reading Three Shifters for Sarah. The world building is well written, and the love scenes erotic. I liked how each of the men had their own personality and something to contribute to their relationship with Sarah. Sarah is a complex but easily understood woman and her complexities helped to move the storyline along. The only thing that made the story a little difficult to read, was that the storyline moved a little slower than I like. Despite this it is a book worth reading and I have no problem recommending it to romance and shifter romance lovers alike.

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