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ISBN: 978-1-55487-209-1
15TH December 2008
Extasy Books
155 pages
Contemporary Erotic Romance
Rating 4 Cups

Isabelle Barnes is an environmental lawyer determined to take down another logging company and the corrupt mayor who allowed them to chop down protected trees. The daughter of a fallen officer and the beloved niece of a police captain, she has vowed never to marry a man in any kind of a uniform.

Agent Zack Akerrs is assigned to protect the sassy and very sexy Isabelle. He agrees with her uncle that this time her crusade is more dangerous than any she has done before. He has no problem spending time with her; it is staying out of her bed he finds difficult.

Zack and Isabelle fall into a routine very quickly, but as her court date grows nearer, Isabelle realizes that Zack will soon be returning to his beloved and warmer Florida. Deciding it is better to cut her losses now rather than risk her heart later, she starts to withdraw from him.

Zack is good at his job, and he trusts his instincts, not just at work, giving him confidence in everything he does. Isabelle cannot see past her mother’s failure to be happy as a copper's wife, convinced she would also fail. Ms O’Malley has scripted a moving story where love is tested from every direction.

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